'Four Horsemen' by Todd-Daniels | Woodsong Institute

‘Four Horsemen’

An allegory of our time. Prophetically illustrates what happens when a people cease to honor God’s Word. Each horse represents a different aspect of judgment so that we become as the cowering, miserable souls in the left bottom corner. Yet, if we will first judge ourselves in the light of the cross and repent, in God’s mercy there will be no judgment by the four horsemen. Come and see [Rev. 6: 1-7]

Availability: as a LIMITED ED. Print  (what’s that?)
Dimensions: 15.5″ x 19.5″
** All Limited Ed. prints are SIGNED by the artist! **


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Limited Edition Prints:

Only 2,000 prints, signed by the artist!

All collectable limited edition prints are numbered, color-matched to the original image, and printed on archival paper using a Heidleberg five or six color lithographic press.

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The Original Art

'Four Horsemen'  •  36 x 48 original oil painting  •  1966-96  •  © Marilyn Todd-Daniels