'Cave Horses' by Todd-Daniels | Woodsong Institute

‘Cave Horses’

A collage of cave art from Altamira (Spain) and Lascaux (France). The canvas giclee looks great in a man-cave! Perfect colors for contemporary decor: metal, ochre, clay, sienna, and black.

Availability: as a Custom GICLEE  (what’s that?)
PRICE RANGE, based on Giclee Size and Material:


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What's a Giclee?

Superior in quality and longevity to all other forms of printing, a GICLEE is the closest to matching the original artwork.

All custom Giclees are ink jet prints on 100% archival material using pigmented, 80-year archival inks, offering excellent color reproduction. PRICING is based on YOUR CHOICE of material and size.

Size of Giclee

11 x 14, 16 x 20, 18 x 24


Art Paper, Canvas

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For larger sizes or unusual dimensions, please contact us for a quote – 903.364.2649.

Note: Color retention in all print processes is dependent upon light conditions. Direct sunlight fades all printing inks.

The Original Art:

'Cave Horses'  •  48 x 48 original, acrylic, mixed media  •  2005  •  © Marilyn Todd-Daniels