'The Victory' by Todd-Daniels | Woodsong Institute

‘The Victory’

The setting is Dan in northern Israel, where the headwaters of the Jordan gush out of a cavernous opening once called “the gates of Hades.” This place of child sacrifice during Canaanite times morphed under Roman rule into temples dedicated to various gods, Pan in particular.

Availability: as a LIMITED ED. Print  (what’s that?)
Dimensions: 16″ x 20″
** All Limited Ed. prints are SIGNED by the artist! **


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Limited Edition Prints:

Only 4,000 prints, signed by the artist!

All collectable limited edition prints are numbered, color-matched to the original image, and printed on archival paper using a Heidleberg five or six color lithographic press.

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The Original Art

'The Victory'  •  48 x 60 original oil painting  •  1999  •  © Marilyn Todd-Daniels